• Operations

    Where ever possible and indicated surgery is done by means of an arthroscope, socalled keyhole surgery.


As already mentioned, the ultimate goal of your treatment by Dr Prins, is for you to have full pain free function of your affected limb. ln most cases this is possible providing certain steps are followed. One of these very crucial qteps.ig that you follow the instructions given to you, including the instructions by the physiotherapists. We again reiterate that, good directed physiotherapy is of the utmost importance in you regaining full pain free function. Be advised that good directed physiotherapy is not getting a massage and having warm pads applied to you affected limb / joint.


Good directed physiotherapy almost always includes you doing a lot of hard work. Also remember that the protocols set out by our physiotherapists are there for a reason and have reasons why certain exercises are only to be started at a certain time. Do not try and "take over" your rehabilitation protocol by doing certain movements etc prematurety, even if you feel that your operated limb is much better.


This fact cannot be emphasized enough!!


Wounds and surgery sites sometime take longer to fully recover (up to 6-8 months). By becoming impatient and trying to force the issue, more harm than good oftentimes is the end result.


Preparing for your surgery:

It is of the utmost importance that you understand not only the reason for your operation but also the exact nature of your ailment. You are therefore encouraged to use the internet and our hyperlinks on this website.


You absolutely must ask questions about these scenarios should there be any doubt or something unclear in the matter. A second consultation might be necessary as discussion of your case is best done in person. Telephone consultation are discouraged for various reasons, including time constrains and being impersonal.


Prior to your surgery you should also be informed of the costs involved and what your medical aid will be prepared to pay. You should have received and signed a quotation for the costs.


Remember the practise of Dr Prins is not contracted to any Medical Aid and will have no dealings with them. This unfortunate state of affairs have been brought on by the Medical aid industry by continuously interfering and prescribing to the Medical Profession.